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OCTOBER 2, 2020

We are pleased to share that the Wellington Hotel will reopen on October 5, 2020. Our team has worked to ensure the safety and health of both our staff and our guests, as we move to reopening.  The following action plan will address changes to our Front and Back of House operation and has been created based on the guidance of the CDC and New York City Department of Health.

• Partitions at the reception area to promote healthy staff-guest interactions.
• Increased cleaning of all common areas and restrooms, throughout the day.
• Self-service parking will be available to all guests. The pricing remains the same as valet parking and bell staff would be available to assist with luggage.
• Additional masks will be available at reception upon request.

Public Areas
• Signage will be placed in the common areas to promote social distancing between guests.
• Elevators will a limit of two riders to maintain social distancing.
• Hand sanitizing stations will be made available in lobby, common areas and near each elevator landing.
• Guests are required to wear masks in common areas.

• Use of hospital grade disinfectants while cleaning guest rooms and common areas. 
• Use of Electrostatic sprayers after check-outs and in public areas. 
• In room menus, visitor guides, and stationary will be replaced with instructions to visit the Hotel Wi-Fi landing page to access the information online.
• Rooms will be rotated out of use to ensure proper cleaning. 

 Hotel Employees & Staff Requirements
• Staff will be required to wear masks when social distancing is not possible and while servicing any guest area.                   
• All staff will be required to attend a training presentation prior to returning to work.  This will highlight changes to our operating procedures, required PPE, and changes to cleaning protocols.
• Appropriate signage will be placed throughout the break and work areas.  The signage will focus on best practices for working safely and also reminders of social distancing where practical.
• Additional hand sanitizing stations and wipes will be distributed throughout the break areas and hand punch stations.   
• Start of shift and break times may be staggered to eliminate crowding.

Hotel Updates

1. Due to the current city and state guidelines, Molyvos Restaurant and the Business Center will be closed until further notice.   

2. Facility Fee will be waived for all arrivals until Aug 31, 2021. Wi-Fi will be a cost of $9.99 per day, per room. Reservations booked directly with the hotel will include free Wi-Fi.

3. All flexible reservations can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to arrival; until further notice.

4. New York State has issued a travel advisory for anyone entering the state from states that have a significant degree of community-wide spread of COVID-19.
All travelers to New York State must adhere to the following to determine whether a 14-day precautionary quarantine is required:

 a) Fully and accurately fill out the State's traveler health form
 b) Fully comply with the state quarantine requirements

 For a list of states and territories that meet the criteria for required quarantine due to significant community transmission, visit ny.gov/states.