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Getting to the Wellington


Public Transportation
The AirTrain shuttle from JFK is about $7.75 per person, which includes the MTA ticket for the subway portion of the ride. Get off the Air Train at the Sutphin Boulevard Station or the Jamaica Station. Take the E train towards Manhattan and get off at the Seventh Avenue stop (at 53rd Street) and walk just two blocks north towards Central Park to the Wellington Hotel. At Jamaica Station you can also take the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station (this is a little longer route to the Wellington Hotel because you then have to take the E, N or R train from Penn Station to Seventh Avenue and 53rd or 55th Street).

A taxi from JFK directly to the Wellington Hotel is a flat fare of $52.50 plus tolls and tip. Most taxis take a maximum of four people, possibly less, depending on the amount of luggage. There are a limited number of NYC minivan taxis that will accommodate up to five people.


Public Transportation
From Newark Liberty Airport you can take the AirTrain to Penn Station (New York) and then a taxi, subway (E, N, R or Q northbound) or bus (20 from the Eighth Avenue side of Penn Station) to 56th Street and walk two short blocks to Seventh Avenue and the Wellington Hotel. The cost of AirTrain Newark depends on your travel preferences. When you buy a NJ Transit or Amtrak ticket to or from Newark Liberty International Airport Station, the ticket costs about $20 and includes the cost of the AirTrain Newark ticket, which is $5.50. The AirTrain access fee is not charged for children under the age of 11.

The subway or bus from Penn Station is $2.75 per person. You can buy a MetroCard in Penn Station for use on all subways and buses. You can also use coins on buses (but not subways), but you must have the exact $2.75 fare as no change is given.

You can take a taxi directly to the Wellington Hotel. The fare will be the meter charge plus tip, round trip tolls and a surcharge. The total could easily be $110 for a maximum of four people depending on luggage.


The taxi fare from LaGuardia to Midtown is about $25-$40 plus tip and toll for a maximum of four people depending on luggage. This is not a flat fare; it is a metered fare and can vary greatly depending on traffic. Tips and tolls are additional.

NOTE: Please be sure you take a yellow NYC taxi only and be sure to ask the driver for a receipt (just in case you leave something in the car). You can arrange a limousine or private car transfer in advance by emailing Be sure to include your name, the airport, the flight number and arrival time and the number of people and pieces of luggage. All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until booked and confirmed. The amount of luggage will determine the number of people that can be accommodated in a single taxi.